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Baltimore Internet Radio (BIR) invites businesses to participate in live and recorded on air roundtables and seminars. BIR believes that through this international exposure businesses can market their wares and network with other businesses to enhance their sales and distinction.

What's New in Baltimore Business and Small Business. Baltimore's proximity to DC and with Johns Hopkins University and Hospital and University of Maryland Medical Center, gives our town the business edge and resources in the fields of Technology, Medicine and Education. Baltimore is active in cultivating small business in our city. See more...
Technology Baltimore's proximity to DC and access to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, the US Army and Navy Research Labs gives our town the resources to research and develop new technologies necessary in a post 9-11 world. See more...
Medicine The first-class quality of the Baltimore's teaching hospitals in our area such as as Johns Hopkins and University of Maryland Medical Center makes Baltimore a natural for medical research and business. See more...

Education The many public and private colleges and universities within Baltimore gives our city a unique and specialized niche in education including in the field of learning centers and services. See more...

International Baltimore is a city that is ready to take its position in the International spotlight. Our unique mix of cutting edge medicine and research, universities and technology companies attracts people from all over the globe. Baltimore Internet Radio wants to do our part in facilitating these International connections. See more...

Baltimore Internet Radio's Business Channel show schedule:

Whats New:

Baltimore Success Stories Periodic forum of Baltimore natives who have national and international success in the arts and business.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Actor Kevin Killner talks about growing up in Baltimore, his acting career and playing on the Johns Hopkins University national lacrosse championship team.

Kevin Kilner Part 1 (42:30) Kevin Kilner Part 2 (31:25)

Show 2: Umbrella Syndicate Baltimore Tourism Association member and social enterpriser help start ups. Photographer Robbie McClean owner of the Bayline Studios talks about his business and upcoming book and introduces health trainer Andye Kitt who speaks about her near death experience and putting her life back together that will be all part of her upcoming book.
Link: Bayline Studio.

Show 3: Connecting people with disabilities to consumers and employers (31:03) Niki Zimmerman is the founder and executive director of Out of Step online marketplace and platform with Baltimore clients.
Link: Out of Step

It's Not Personal, It's Business the challenges of small/minority/woman-owned businesses.
Host: Janice Kaufmann

Introduction to Janice Kaufmann (23:46) and her show It's Not Personal, It's Business

Tricorder Data Systems Spot (1:00)

Show 1: Guest - Paul Taylor from the Baltimore Development Corporation's Small Business Development Center (22:07) discussing available resources for small business start ups in Baltimore
Links: Small Business Development Center (SBDC)SBDC Facebook Page

Show 2: Guest- Trish White from Tenpachi Salons in Fells Point (28:37) a small business success story.
Links: Tenpachi Salons

Show 3: Guest - CITYPeek Patti, CEO of CITYPeek (30:06) Brand Marketing for the Hospitality Industry. Patti talks about starting her business and the influence of social marketing and her passion for being a Luxury, Food & Wine Influencer.
Links: CITYPeekCITYPeek Patti on FacebookCITYPeek Patti on Twitter

Show 4: Guest - Chef Todd Mohr talks about the importance of doing something that you are passionate about (47:04) Chef Todd is bring a new revolution in cooking to the world. “to free people from the limitations and intimidations of the written recipe and empower them to cook like an artist paints.

Show 5: Guest - Kim Manfredi, owner of Charm City Yoga (29:03) shares her career and how her company became one of the most successful yoga businesses in the country.
Link: Charm City Yoga

Show 6: Guest, Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, founder of See Jane Invest (32:32), is an investor dedicated to educating women who want to fund women-owned companies.
Link: See Jane Invest

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Local Issues Forum
Dave Custy

Show 2: Programs that advance community and economic development in Baltimore. (22:31) Guest is Matthew D Gallagher, President and CEO of the Goldseker Foundation.
Link: Goldseker Foundation

Show 4: Progress in Baltimore City and the new Inner Harbor 2.0 (24:36) Guest: Laurie Schwartz, President of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore discusses the new master plan Inner Harbor 2.0 to further develop the Inner Harbor
Link: Inner Harbor Master Plan 2.0

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Health Care and its Future Frank discussions on the Health Care and its future.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: James Burdick professor of transplantation surgery at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Division of Transplantation (1:00) discussing his upcoming book on a doctor's plan for health care reform.

Show 2: Help for Mental Illness (33:52) Christine Merola, Community Outreach and Projects Coordinator of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).
Link: National Alliance on Mental Illness

Show 3: Gastrointestinal and complex abdominal surgery (22:04) with a particular focus on pancreatic and hepatobiliary surgery. Guest, Dr. Kurtis Campbell, surgical oncologist with the Institute for Cancer Care at Mercy Medical Center.
Link: Surgical Oncology at Mercy Medical Center

Show 4: James A. McGowan, M.D., a pain management specialist at Mercy (25:30) Medical Center’s Center for Interventional Pain Medicine talks about its history and his work with interventional therapies for neck and back pain
Link: The Center for Interventional Pain Medicine at Mercy

Show 5: Anterior hip, shoulder and knee replacement surgery (25:58) Guest: Joseph J. Ciotola, M.D orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedics and Joint Replacement at Mercy Medical Center.
Link: Dr. Joseph J. Ciotola

Show 6: Family Medicine practice at Mercy Medical Center (17:00) Guest: Samyra C. Sealy MD
Link: Samyra C. Sealy, M.D

Show 7: Kevin J. Cullen, M.D. the director of the University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Cancer Center (46:55) talks about his career, the cancer center’s accomplishments in his 10 year tenure, working with the American Cancer Society and the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s Report on Smoking and Health.
Links: University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer CenterAmerican Cancer Society

Show 8: Shantelle Mobley, Medical Surgical Nurse Manager at Mercy Medical Center (24:07) talks about her career and the hospital’s coveted “Magnet®” recognition from the American Nurses Credentialing Center®, the highest recognition for nursing excellence.
Link: Mercy Medical Center

Show 9: Providing health care to people in remote areas of the world through the use of mobile phones (45:49) Guest Alain Labrique, Ph.D. the founding director of the Johns Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative talks about his career and his work .
Link: John Hopkins University Global mHealth Initiative

Show 10: The Diabetes Program at Mercy Medical (29:37) Guest Kelly O’Connor, RD, LDN, CDE, Director of Diabetes Education at The Center for Endocrinology at Mercy Medical Center talks about her career and the diabetes program
Link: Kelly O'Connor

Show 11: The National Multiple Sclerosis Society (27:53) Guest, Mark Roeder, Maryland Chapter President of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society talks about his career and 10 years at the NMSS featuring current research, treatment and events.
Links: Maryland National Multiple Sclerosis SocietyBaltimore Walk Apr 27, 2014

Show 12: Elissa Bantug, Program Manager of Breast Cancer Communication, Education & Survivorship at the Johns Hopkins Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center (45:38) talks about her breast cancer diagnosis at age 23 and the center’s programs
Link: Breast Cancer Programs at Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center

Show 13: Jen Burdette, Mission Delivery Specialist, American Cancer Society Road to Recovery (19:17) talks about the need for volunteer drivers to take cancer patients to treatments.
410-781-4316 #3; Email Jen
Links: American Cancer Society

Show 14: Within Reach, A privately operated non-profit foundation dedicated to providing peer support, education, and assistance to cancer patients and survivors (18:55) Guest Cathy Brice Hirsch, President of the privately operated non-profit, the Frank and Clara Hirsch Foundation, Inc. d/b/a Within Reach, which develops and operates support programs for cancer patients and survivors talks about her cancer diagnosis the foundation and seeking cancer survivors to volunteer mentoring new patients.
Link: Within Reach

Show 15: Dr. William B. Isaacs, Interim Director of the newly-launched $45M Johns Hopkins Greenberg Bladder Cancer Institute (31:36) talks about the facility, the world’s first Institute dedicated solely to bladder cancer.
Contact: Email • Phone 443-287-0147

Show 16: Edel Blumberg talks about his life and the 'Semi-Colon Club' (38:20) he formed to encourage people to get checked for colon cancer. Edel calls himself a "2-and-a-half-time colon cancer survivor."
Semi-Colon Club

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Local Issues Forum
Host: Dave Custy

Show 3: Launch of a new smartphone app, "bMOREsafe (27:40) Guest Debra S. Holbrook R.NC SANE-A, FNE A/P, Coordinator of Mercy’s Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (S.A.F.E.) Program talks about the new "bMOREsafe" app designed to provide victims of sexual assault and domestic violence with instant access to a variety of resources, including medical and police assistance, a crisis hotline, and more.
Link: Bmore Safe Mercy

Medicine for Real Women
Host: Dr. Stephanie Given, MD

Show 1: Urinary incontinence and pelvic floor dysfunction in women (24:52) Guest: Dr. R. Mark Ellerkman is the Director of the Urogynecology Division in The Institute for Gynecologic Care at Mercy Medical Center.
Link: Dr. R. Mark Ellerkman

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Education & Research Topics A variety of education topics and research going on in Baltimore.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Business in Government Initiative (22:33) with guest Brian Gunia, Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Brian Gunia

Show 2: Non-profit organization that empowers 3 neighborhood charter schools in East Baltimore (28:01) Guest Laura Doherty, President and CEO of the Baltimore Curriculum Project.
Link: Baltimore Curriculum Project

2013 Annual Holiday Bash to Benefit the National Academy Foundation from the Lord Baltimore Hotel

Interview with Bob Heck, Executive Director of Careers at National Academy Foundation Middle/High School (3:30)
Link: National Academy Foundation of Baltimore

Interview with chairpersons Renee West, Membership Sales and Services Manager, Visit Baltimore and Cori Ramos, ‎President, Cori Ramos & Associates, Event Planning and Management, L.L.C. (2:53)
Links: Visit BaltimoreCori Ramos & Associates

Interview with Paul Wolman, Chairman and CEO, Feats Inc. and NAF Advisory Council (6:15)
Link: Feats Inc.

Main Speech Annual Holiday Bash December 16, 2013 (7:00)

2014 Annual Holiday Bash from the Horseshoe Casino is the Baltimore area hospitality industry's annual holiday party with food from Baltimore's top restaurants, hotels and caterers and live entertainment. All proceeds from the Holiday Bash benefit the National Academy Foundation School of Baltimore, the first high school in the country to integrate five career-based "NAF" programs. Graduates of the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism, Academy of Law, Academy of IT, Academy of Finance or Academy of Engineering receive both a national certificate as well as their high school diploma.

Interview with National Academy Foundation's Board Chairman, Alexis Coates (2:43)

Show 3: Dining Dish chats up numerous restaurants and food purveyors at the annual hospitality dine around fundraiser for the National Academy Foundation (22:07) held at Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino on December 8th. Get the holiday scoop from Banditos, Brio, Chipparellis, CityPeek, Johnny Sanchez, The Local Oyster, Mallow Bar, Whole Foods – Harbor East.

Local Issues Forum
Host: Dave Custy

Show 6: A plan to train Baltimoreons with skills employers need (25:56) Guest Economist Arnold Packer Ph.D discusses his work in employment development.
Link: Baltimore Sun Story

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Technology Forum
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Culture Tech Festival a festival of arts, culture and technology with worldwide attendence in Northern Ireland (30:00)
Link: Culture Tech

Show 2: International Technology interview with pioneer Gary Hoover (46:40) creater of the world’s largest Internet-based provider of information about enterprises,

At the age of 30, serial entrepreneur, Gary Hoover created pioneering book superstore BOOKSTOP, which helped change the nature of book shopping in America. His company was sold to Barnes & Noble for $41.5 million cash when it was 7 years old. He then began the company that became Hoover’s, the world’s largest Internet-based provider of information about enterprises. covers thousands of companies around the world. In July of 1999, Hoover’s went public and in March of 2003, the company was purchased by Dun & Bradstreet for $117 million. He talks about his career and starting The Spark, a museum of innovation in Austin Texas.
Link: Hoovers, a D&B Company

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Baltimore in the Global Market World Economy Forum with business leaders to increase B’more’s presence in the world market and networking with international businesses and economies.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1:Guest - Rob Sobhani, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Caspian Group (39:46) discusses creating a blueprint to increase international business on a continuing basis.
Link: Caspian Group

Show 2: DDG planning architecture and design company discusses the evolution of his business and methods for worldwide expansion (54:52) DDG is a renowned planning, architecture and design company. Our guest is Ahsin Rasheed, Chairman, CEO and President of DDG.
Link: DDG

Show 3: Wes Guckert, Founder and President of The Traffic Group, Inc. (51:06), a traffic engineering and transportation planning specialty firm, talks about the evolution of his company and its diversification to adapt to changing economic circumstances.
Link: The Traffic Group, Inc.

Show 4: Rob Sobhani CEO and Chairman of Caspian Group Holdings LLC talks about his new company Sparo (21:56) the first online charity movement that allows consumers to donate to their charity of choice directly while shopping on their favorite merchant sites.
Link: Sparo, purchase with a purpose™

Show 5: Nina Bankova, Director, Professional Exchanges, Strategy and Business Development and Wally Pinkard, Manager, Marketing and Event Planning (31:43) talk about the World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) including their annual Women Spanning the Globe Annual Conference.
Link: World Trade Center Institute

Show 6: Joel Chazen a partner in Hertzbach & Co (39:50) talks about his career and the development of the accounting and consultancy firm
Link: Hertzbach & Co.

Show 7: Andrew Schuster, co-founder and CEO of NewsUp, the internet news quiz game (35:30), talks about his career and the future of his company.
Link: NewsUp

Show 8: Bob Paff, a highly sought-after speaker of inspiring and empowering messages (50:56), talks about his career and book 'Communicating to Win'
Link: Bob Paff Communicating to Win

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International Relations A forum with a variety of guests discussing international concerns from world peace to our cultural differences and similarities.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: from Berlin, Germany, Mark Donfried, founder and executive director of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (27:05) discusses his organizations mission to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels.
Link: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Show 2: W Fontaine Bell, Chairman of Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee (23:04) talks about their relationship and programs with the Chinese city.
Link: Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee

Show 3: Gina London a veteran CNN correspondent and anchor (28:36) recorded from Arezzo Italy, who now makes her living as an international communications consultant talks about her career, her worldwide travel and her time living in Baltimore.
Link: Gina London, Communications Consultant

Show 4: World Trade Center Institute's Youth in Action program (33:00) is discussed with Nina Bankova Director, Professional Exchanges, Strategy and Business Development & 3 participants, high school students from Mexico
Link: World Trade Center Institute

Show 5: Anna Yankova, the Director of International Affairs (28:24) at the Office of the Secretary of State of Maryland discusses growing up in Ukraine and her work with the Sister States Program and other international projects for the State of Maryland.
Link: Maryland Office of the Secretary of State, International Division

Show 6: Julie Rosicky, Executive Director, & Jodianna Ringel, Development Officer of the International Social Service United States of America Branch (28:34) discuss how they connect vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by an international border, to the services and support they need.
Link: International Social Service US Branch

Show 7: Tetyana Aldave & Ruslan Zamaray of United Help Ukraine (39:40), talk about their organization that provides aid to the people of Ukraine affected by the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
Link: United Help Ukraine

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International Arts Discussions on the performing arts in the US and abroad.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Graham Schmidt, Artistic director of Breaking String Theatre Company (30:00) in Austin Texas talks about his theater company and the Baltimore-Austin Texas collaboration to bring high tech to the performing arts, including streaming live performances.
Link: The Breaking String Theatre Company

Show 2: Robert Matney, web developer, actor, technical designer- Hidden Room Theatre, Austin. TX
Part 1 (27:09)Part 2 (31:41)
Baltimore- Austin Texas collaboration- integrating technology into live theatrical performances
Link: Robert Matney on Twitter

Show 3: Coni Koepfinger & Joe Izen talk about their musical SINGULARITY (40:00) which seeks to create a bridge between science and art, from inception to the hopes for a 2015 Broadway opening.
Link: Facebook S I N G U L A R I T Y • A Brave New Musical

Show #4: Abigail Rockwell, a New York singer who specializes in international torch songs (38:26) talks about her career.
Link: Abigail Rockwell

International Radio Industry
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: James Cridland, radio futuroligist, talks about Next Radio (28:10) an annual conference that creates new ideas for the future of radio.
Link: James Cridland | Next Radio

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