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The many public and private colleges and universities within Baltimore gives our city a unique and specialized niche in education including in the field of learning centers and services.

Business Channel/Education show schedule:

Education & Research Topics A variety of education topics and research going on in Baltimore.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Johns Hopkins Carey Business School’s Business in Government Initiative (22:33) with guest Brian Gunia, Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Brian Gunia

Show 2: Non-profit organization that empowers 3 neighborhood charter schools in East Baltimore (28:01) Guest Laura Doherty, President and CEO of the Baltimore Curriculum Project.
Baltimore Curriculum Project

2013 Annual Holiday Bash to Benefit the National Academy Foundation from the Lord Baltimore Hotel

Interview with Bob Heck, Executive Director of Careers at National Academy Foundation Middle/High School (3:30)
Link: National Academy Foundation of Baltimore

Interview with chairpersons Renee West, Membership Sales and Services Manager, Visit Baltimore and Cori Ramos, ‎President, Cori Ramos & Associates, Event Planning and Management, L.L.C. (2:53)
Links: Visit BaltimoreCori Ramos & Associates

Interview with Paul Wolman, Chairman and CEO, Feats Inc. and NAF Advisory Council (6:15)
Link: Feats Inc.

Main Speech Annual Holiday Bash December 16, 2013 (7:00)

2014 Annual Holiday Bash from the Horseshoe Casino is the Baltimore area hospitality industry's annual holiday party with food from Baltimore's top restaurants, hotels and caterers and live entertainment. All proceeds from the Holiday Bash benefit the National Academy Foundation School of Baltimore, the first high school in the country to integrate five career-based "NAF" programs. Graduates of the Academy of Hospitality & Tourism, Academy of Law, Academy of IT, Academy of Finance or Academy of Engineering receive both a national certificate as well as their high school diploma.

Interview with National Academy Foundation's Board Chairman, Alexis Coates (2:43)

Show 3: Dining Dish chats up numerous restaurants and food purveyors at the annual hospitality dine around fundraiser for the National Academy Foundation (22:07) held at Baltimore’s Horseshoe Casino on December 8th. Get the holiday scoop from Banditos, Brio, Chipparellis, CityPeek, Johnny Sanchez, The Local Oyster, Mallow Bar, Whole Foods – Harbor East.

Links: Annual Holiday BashNational Academy Foundation of BaltimoreDining Dish BlogFacebook

Local Issues Forum
Host: Dave Custy

Show 6: A plan to train Baltimoreons with skills employers need (25:56) Guest Economist Arnold Packer Ph.D discusses his work in employment development.
Link: Baltimore Sun Story

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