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Baltimore is a city that is ready to take its position in the International spotlight. Our unique mix of cutting edge medicine and research, universities and technology companies attracts people from all over the globe. Baltimore Internet Radio wants to do our part in facilitating these International connections.

Business Channel / International:

Baltimore in the Global Market World Economy Forum with business leaders to increase B’more’s presence in the world market and networking with international businesses and economies.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1:Guest - Rob Sobhani, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Caspian Group (39:46) discusses creating a blueprint to increase international business on a continuing basis.
Link: Caspian Group

Show 2: DDG planning architecture and design company discusses the evolution of his business and methods for worldwide expansion (54:52) DDG is a renowned planning, architecture and design company. Our guest is Ahsin Rasheed, Chairman, CEO and President of DDG.
Link: DDG

Show 3: Wes Guckert, Founder and President of The Traffic Group, Inc. (51:06), a traffic engineering and transportation planning specialty firm, talks about the evolution of his company and its diversification to adapt to changing economic circumstances.
Link: The Traffic Group, Inc.

Show 4: Rob Sobhani CEO and Chairman of Caspian Group Holdings LLC talks about his new company Sparo (21:56) the first online charity movement that allows consumers to donate to their charity of choice directly while shopping on their favorite merchant sites.
Link: Sparo, purchase with a purpose™

Show 5: Nina Bankova, Director, Professional Exchanges, Strategy and Business Development and Wally Pinkard, Manager, Marketing and Event Planning (31:43) talk about the World Trade Center Institute (WTCI) including their annual Women Spanning the Globe Annual Conference.
Link: World Trade Center Institute

Show 6: Joel Chazen a partner in Hertzbach & Co (39:50) talks about his career and the development of the accounting and consultancy firm
Link: Hertzbach & Co.

Show 7: Andrew Schuster, co-founder and CEO of NewsUp, the internet news quiz game (35:30), talks about his career and the future of his company.
Link: NewsUp

Show 8: Bob Paff, a highly sought-after speaker of inspiring and empowering messages (50:56), talks about his career and book 'Communicating to Win'
Link: Bob Paff Communicating to Win

International Relations A forum with a variety of guests discussing international concerns from world peace to our cultural differences and similarities.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: from Berlin, Germany, Mark Donfried, founder and executive director of the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy (27:05) discusses his organizations mission to promote global peace and stability by strengthening and supporting intercultural relations at all levels.
Link: Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Show 2: W Fontaine Bell, Chairman of Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee (23:04) talks about their relationship and programs with the Chinese city.
Link: Baltimore-Xiamen Sister City Committee

Show 3: Gina London a veteran CNN correspondent and anchor (28:36) recorded from Arezzo Italy, who now makes her living as an international communications consultant talks about her career, her worldwide travel and her time living in Baltimore.
Link: Gina London, Communications Consultant

Show 4: World Trade Center Institute's Youth in Action program (33:00) is discussed with Nina Bankova Director, Professional Exchanges, Strategy and Business Development & 3 participants, high school students from Mexico
Link: World Trade Center Institute

Show 5: Anna Yankova, the Director of International Affairs (28:24) at the Office of the Secretary of State of Maryland discusses growing up in Ukraine and her work with the Sister States Program and other international projects for the State of Maryland.
Link: Maryland Office of the Secretary of State, International Division

Show 6: Julie Rosicky, Executive Director, & Jodianna Ringel, Development Officer of the International Social Service United States of America Branch (28:34) discuss how they connect vulnerable children, adults, and families, separated by an international border, to the services and support they need.
Link: International Social Service US Branch

Show 7: Tetyana Aldave & Ruslan Zamaray of United Help Ukraine (39:40), talk about their organization that provides aid to the people of Ukraine affected by the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine.
Link: United Help Ukraine

International Arts Discussions on the performing arts in the US and abroad.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Graham Schmidt, Artistic director of Breaking String Theatre Company (30:00) in Austin Texas talks about his theater company and the Baltimore-Austin Texas collaboration to bring high tech to the performing arts, including streaming live performances.
Link: The Breaking String Theatre Company

Show 2: Robert Matney, web developer, actor, technical designer- Hidden Room Theatre, Austin. TX
Part 1 (27:09)Part 2 (31:41)
Baltimore- Austin Texas collaboration- integrating technology into live theatrical performances
Link: Robert Matney on Twitter

Show 3: Coni Koepfinger & Joe Izen talk about their musical SINGULARITY (40:00) which seeks to create a bridge between science and art, from inception to the hopes for a 2015 Broadway opening.
Link: Facebook S I N G U L A R I T Y • A Brave New Musical

Show #4: Abigail Rockwell, a New York singer who specializes in international torch songs (38:26) talks about her career.
Link: Abigail Rockwell

Show # 5: Robert Matney, a social web marketer & founding co-Artistic Director of Whirligig Productions (40:00) in Austin, Texas, returns to update his work with integrating technology with live theatrical performances
Link: Whirligig Productions

International Radio Industry
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: James Cridland, radio futuroligist, talks about Next Radio (28:10) an annual conference that creates new ideas for the future of radio.
Link: James Cridland | Next Radio

International Tourism
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: From Barcelona, Spain; Caroline Couret, co-creater and manager of the Creative Tourism Network (33:13), talks about her career and her company, an international organization created with the aim of fostering creative tourism (tourists connecting with local artisans to create a work) around the world.
“Creative tourism is travel directed toward an engaged and authentic experience, with participative learning in the arts, heritage, or special character of a place, and it provides a connection with those who reside in this place and create this living culture” - UNESCO, Creative Cities Network
Link: Creative Tourism Network

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