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Baltimore's proximity to DC and access to Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, the US Army and Navy Research Labs gives our town the resources to research and develop new technologies necessary in a post 9-11 world.

Business Channel / Technology:

Technology Forum
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Culture Tech Festival a festival of arts, culture and technology with worldwide attendence in Northern Ireland (30:00)
Link: Culture Tech

Show 2: International Technology interview with pioneer Gary Hoover (46:40) creater of the world’s largest Internet-based provider of information about enterprises,

At the age of 30, serial entrepreneur, Gary Hoover created pioneering book superstore BOOKSTOP, which helped change the nature of book shopping in America. His company was sold to Barnes & Noble for $41.5 million cash when it was 7 years old. He then began the company that became Hoover’s, the world’s largest Internet-based provider of information about enterprises. covers thousands of companies around the world. In July of 1999, Hoover’s went public and in March of 2003, the company was purchased by Dun & Bradstreet for $117 million. He talks about his career and starting The Spark, a museum of innovation in Austin Texas.
Link: Hoovers, a D&B Company


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