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in Baltimore Business and Small Business. Baltimore's proximity to DC and with Johns Hopkins University and Hospital and University of Maryland Medical Center, gives our town the business edge and resources in the fields of Technology, Medicine and Education. Baltimore is active in cultivating small business in our city.

Business Channel / What's New Shows:

Baltimore Success Stories Periodic forum of Baltimore natives who have national and international success in the arts and business.
Host: Dave Custy

Show 1: Actor Kevin Killner talks about growing up in Baltimore, his acting career and playing on the Johns Hopkins University national lacrosse championship team.

Kevin Kilner Part 1 (42:30) Kevin Kilner Part 2 (31:25)

Show 2: Umbrella Syndicate Baltimore Tourism Association member and social enterpriser help start ups. Photographer Robbie McClean owner of the Bayline Studios talks about his business and upcoming book and introduces health trainer Andye Kitt who speaks about her near death experience and putting her life back together that will be all part of her upcoming book.
Link: Bayline Studio.

Show 3: Connecting people with disabilities to consumers and employers (31:03) Niki Zimmerman is the founder and executive director of Out of Step online marketplace and platform with Baltimore clients.
Link: Out of Step

It's Not Personal, It's Business the challenges of small/minority/woman-owned businesses.
Host: Janice Kaufmann

Introduction to Janice Kaufmann (23:46) and her show It's Not Personal, It's Business

Tricorder Data Systems Spot (1:00)

Show 1: Guest - Paul Taylor from the Baltimore Development Corporation's Small Business Development Center (22:07) discussing available resources for small business start ups in Baltimore
Links: Small Business Development Center (SBDC)SBDC Facebook Page

Show 2: Guest- Trish White from Tenpachi Salons in Fells Point (28:37) a small business success story.
Links: Tenpachi Salons

Show 3: Guest - CITYPeek Patti, CEO of CITYPeek (30:06) Brand Marketing for the Hospitality Industry. Patti talks about starting her business and the influence of social marketing and her passion for being a Luxury, Food & Wine Influencer.
Links: CITYPeekCITYPeek Patti on FacebookCITYPeek Patti on Twitter

Show 4: Guest - Chef Todd Mohr talks about the importance of doing something that you are passionate about (47:04) Chef Todd is bring a new revolution in cooking to the world. “to free people from the limitations and intimidations of the written recipe and empower them to cook like an artist paints.

Show 5: Guest - Kim Manfredi, owner of Charm City Yoga (29:03) shares her career and how her company became one of the most successful yoga businesses in the country.
Link: Charm City Yoga

Show 6: Guest, Kelly Keenan Trumpbour, founder of See Jane Invest (32:32), is an investor dedicated to educating women who want to fund women-owned companies.
Link: See Jane Invest

Local Issues Forum
Dave Custy

Show 2: Programs that advance community and economic development in Baltimore. (22:31) Guest is Matthew D Gallagher, President and CEO of the Goldseker Foundation.
Link: Goldseker Foundation

Show 4: Progress in Baltimore City and the new Inner Harbor 2.0 (24:36) Guest: Laurie Schwartz, President of the Waterfront Partnership of Baltimore discusses the new master plan Inner Harbor 2.0 to further develop the Inner Harbor
Link: Inner Harbor Master Plan 2.0

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